by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Clicks for a Cause

For Eshan Sinha, living in 92127 is more than just proximity to the beach; it’s a connection to nature, marine life, and a cause much greater than himself. A junior at Del Norte High School, Eshan promotes awareness of endangered marine life through his photography.

Eshan’s work first began receiving acclaim when he was just eight years old. “My first award-winning photo was of a school of dolphins frolicking around in the Channel Islands, CA,” he shared. “I had a manual Sony camera, a Christmas present from my parents.” Since that time, Eshan has continued to show his work and receive recognition, including the Museum of Photographic Arts Youth Exhibition and multiple awards at the San Diego County Fair.

student_sinha3At the 4S Ranch Library, Eshan had a solo exhibition titled #ClicksForACause. He donated the proceeds of his photo sales to nonprofit organizations, “like Oceana, which champions the cause of the unspoken oceans and their inhabitants,” he shared.

But Eshan’s extracurricular activities are not solely focused on his photography. He has been playing piano for eight years, achieving level seven of the Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. He is a member of the Del Norte High School robotics and speech and debate teams. Eshan has also been practicing taekwondo since second grade and recently earned his third degree black belt. At the dojo, he volunteers as an assistant coach, helping to instruct the junior students.

For inspiration, Eshan turns to his parents. “They have always guided me on the right path and helped me at my lowest points – encouraging me to never give up,” Eshan said. He also looks to Steve Jobs, inspired by Jobs’s intelligence and perseverance. Eshan particularly likes Jobs’s quote about “the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently.” The quote resonates with Eshan, who acknowledged, “I always feel like I am a round peg in a square hole, a misfit. His desire to do something different intrigues me.”

Today, Eshan continues to focus on his photography and raising awareness for endangered species. He looks ahead to succeeding in high school and continuing on to a good college. “A career in the field of marine robotics is something that seems attractive to me,” he said. But he also acknowledges he is open to exploring new areas. With Eshan’s diverse skills and experiences, his exploration and future impact is only beginning.

Name: Eshan Sinha (16)
School: Del Norte High School
Grade: 11
Parents: Ranjan Sinha and Rinku Verma
Sibling: Vardaan (11)
Favorite Places in 92127: Home, school, and the various parks and swimming pools