by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography | Article sponsored by House Fan Pros

Settling Down in San Diego

When Joe and Michelle Boeckman moved to 4S Ranch in 2003, the community looked a bit different. “We have fond memories of a time when this community was just beginning to grow,” they shared. “There was a dirt road going up and down Black Mountain, there was no 4S Commons, and there was no 4S Ranch Sports Park or Boys & Girls Club.” Today, Joe and Michelle and their three children, Owen, Lainey, and Brooke, enjoy the lifestyle and amenities of a 4S Ranch that is all grown up.

family_boeckman3House Fan Pros - Sidebard 2Joe and Michelle value the master-planned community of their neighborhood with its access to parks, trails, shopping, sports leagues, and great schools. “Andalusia is a great fit for us,” they shared. “It’s pretty quiet, and our neighbors are very friendly and tolerant of our busy and sometimes hectic and loud lifestyle,” they joked. And while they have access to all the amenities of the community, they also appreciate the neighboring hills and nature. “We find it kind of fun to see coyotes, bunnies, and the occasional deer behind our house,” Michelle said.


“Like many families in the community, our family interests are pretty well-aligned with whatever our kids are involved with at the moment,” Michelle said. This includes plenty of sports, like baseball, basketball, flag football, softball, gymnastics, and soccer. For Joe, that means many hours of volunteering to coach and serving on the boards of Force FC and 4S Ranch Softball. Michelle volunteers at the schools and on the Foundation, as well as helping with Lainey and Brooke’s Girl Scout troops.

Settling down in San Diego was not the original plan for the Boeckman family, but once they found 4S Ranch, they knew it was the ideal home to raise their family. In addition to the benefits and convenience of the activities, schools, and shopping, they shared, “We’ve made some lifelong friends that we can’t imagine moving away from.”

Parents: Joe and Michelle Boeckman
Children: Owen (12), Lainey (11), and Brooke (8)
Community: Andalusia since 2010
Hometowns: Joe – San Diego; Michelle – Costa Mesa in Orange County
Occupations: Joe – Healthy Systems Account Manager for Novo Nordisk; Michelle – Part-Time Admin for 30 Clean
Pet: Tucker – Brittany Spaniel
Favorite Places to Visit in 92127: Karl Strauss, Chipotle, 4S Sports Park, Boys & Girls Club Gym