High School Habitat Builders

Members of Del Norte High School’s (DNHS) Habitat for Humanity club recently volunteered at their first build. They worked alongside other volunteers and future homeowners at a Habitat for Humanity building site in Logan Heights, cleaning up the work site and preparing materials for future construction. “It was a humbling experience working alongside the future homeowners,” shared Alessandra Wong, club president and a sophomore at DNHS. “I enjoyed watching so many different people from so many different backgrounds coming together to help others.”

The site will eventually transform into new multi-family homes, with families expected to move in around August. “Del Norte Habitat for Humanity plans to continue volunteering throughout construction,” Alessandra said.

“It was a humbling experience working alongside the future homeowners.”

Alessandra founded the club as a freshman in October 2016, and members have since volunteered year-round at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, which is a nonprofit home improvement store and donation center. Alessandra described it as a cross between a Home Depot and Goodwill. “The volunteers price items, clean the store, and help customers,” Alessandra explained. “Club members love working with each other and meeting new people, all while helping others.”

Habitat for Humanity works across the United States and around the world to build high-quality, affordable homes for families in need. Future homeowners help build their homes alongside volunteers. The organization also helps repair, improve, and renovate existing homes, in addition to addressing housing needs after natural disasters. Learn more at www.habitat.org.