by KARLIE HAYES | special to 92127 Magazine

Heart to Heart

Heart Screening Event At Del Norte

On Jan. 28, Del Norte High School hosted an event which allowed teens to be trained in hands-only CPR, get an EKG analyzed by a cardiologist, and even receive a free echocardiogram if requested by the doctor. Hundreds of people flocked to the school to take advantage of this amazing opportunity – which was all free.

The Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation began events like these after Eric Paredes, a sophomore wrestler at Steele Canyon High School, became a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. His parents started the Save a Life Foundation to prevent this tragedy from happening to other teens, and the foundation sponsors free screening events at schools across San Diego County.

The Community Service Club, led by co-presidents Emi and Jack Iribarren, brought this event to Del Norte for the first time. Emi discovered the foundation while volunteering at the Westview High School event two years ago. “We really value community service because it is a great way to help out meaningful causes around town,” she said. “The event is a great opportunity for Del Norte students because it is so convenient and free!”

The screening attracted a crowd due to its publicity; social media and local magazines both helped spread the word. “Mr. Mizel, the DNHS principal, and Mike Giami, the athletic director, were also a great help at promoting the event,” Emi added. Thanks to the hard work of the foundation and club as well as the publicity of the screening, it discovered four people with heart conditions.

Since an EKG is not a part of an annual physical, you can get your teen screened at the next heart screening event, which is on March 25 at Torrey Pines High School, or you can find more information at

Karlie Hayes is a junior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.