Racing Successes

x_athletes2Two Del Norte High School (DNHS) cross country and track and field athletes recently committed to continuing their racing careers in college. Isabelle Davis signed to San Diego State University (SDSU), and Jaron Farnham signed to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO). Both won the DNHS 2017 XC Iron Man and Woman Award, which recognizes the most influential cross country team members for the year. They were the top runners for the year as well.

The two seniors also share a history of family friendship. Their parents were friends and soccer teammates in Valencia, and Isabelle and Jaron first met when they were only a few months old. The Farnham family moved to Del Sur when Jaron was two years old; the Davis family moved to the 92127 area years later, before Isabelle’s freshman year of high school. Both Isabelle and Jaron played soccer – following in their dads’ footsteps – and started cross country and track as extra training. They soon discovered their talent and passion for running.

Both families have been enthusiastic cheerleaders over the years through the young athletes’ triumphs and challenges. Jaron had a major setback his sophomore year when leg pain kept him from running for half a year. Isabelle’s father issued a challenge: attend track practice for at least three days in a row or wash his car every day for a week. Jaron returned to practice and got hooked once again. He and Isabelle can look forward to further success at Cal Poly SLO and SDSU this fall.