Local students excelled at the Future Problem Solving State Meet, held at Design39Campus. The international program asks participants to research topics, identify underlying problems in proposed scenarios, and develop solutions. Students participate in teams of four or as individuals, and they learn how to brainstorm multiple solutions and use valid criteria to determine the best option.


Coach Nancy Myles shared that 17 of her students were invited to attend the State Meet after completing the Qualifying Problem. The State Meet asked students to explore the topic of cloud storage. Turtleback Elementary School team Mikael Malmgren, Donovan Pascual, Mackenzie Juza, and Katarina Radibratovic placed first in the Action Plan Skit and fourth in the written team competition. Bernardo Heights Middle School seventh grader Shreya Singh placed first in the Action Plan Skit as well.

Learn more at www.fpspi.org.