All three 4S Ranch Girls Softball All-Star Gold teams reached the California State competition this year, held in Lancaster in late June. The 8U team won their first game but were knocked out in their second game, finishing in the top 10. The 12U and 10U teams reached the second day of the tournament, making them the first teams to do so in the league’s history. The 10U team placed second in their division, and the 12U team won the championship. Both older teams qualified for B Nationals, which will be held in Camarillo in late July.

The 10U Force team includes Alexis K., Aubrey K., Briana T., Brooklyn G., Brooklyn K., Carissa C., Gia G., Julia M., Kayla W., Lainey L., Lauren D., and Mirabelle A. The 12U Force team includes Audrey B., Ava L., Brenna F., Brooke R., Hailey L., Keanna G., Kora W., Lainey B., Lauren R., Madison B., Rylee L., and Summer F.