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Studio West Inspires the Next Generation of Producers and Audio Engineers

adv_studiowest-inspiresStudio West has been a fixture in the San Diego music scene since the 70s, but the last few years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of the training programs in audio production they started over 10 years ago.

The studio offers a wide variety of classes that are appropriate for everyone from beginners looking to understand music production to industry professionals. The Audio Engineering Package, intended for those new to the subject, has become particularly popular. It covers the fundamental principles of audio production, signal flow, microphone design, and mixing techniques and is taught in the classrooms and studios at Studio West. The studio recently added classes to accommodate demand.

Todd Hunsaker, Studio West’s Director of Admissions, has been impressed with what he’s seen since joining the staff earlier this year. “It’s remarkable to see the passion these students have for creating amazing sound,” he noted. “There is so much talent in the area and we are thrilled to see them joining us in record numbers this session. I can’t believe some of the projects that the students leave class with, and seeing them grow in confidence as they learn more about production is awesome.”

Every class at Studio West gives students hands-on experience with mics, consoles, effects processors, and a variety of digital audio workstations. The thrill of learning in a world-class studio where professionals have worked for decades is an experience that few forget!


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