by KARLIE HAYES, special to 92127 Magazine

Rustling in the Nest

Over the summer, no students gathered in the halls of Del Norte High School. No crowds of laughing teenagers poured through the gates at 8 a.m. However, despite this apparent quietness, the campus of DNHS was far from empty.

Even a quick walk through the gates could show that Del Norte was full of activity over the summer. At the pool, children ages four and up took swimming lessons. There, they participated in a wide range of activities, from introductory lessons to preparation for competitive swim. Some high school swimmers also worked at the camps as lifeguards.

The fields of Del Norte also buzzed with activity, as many fall sports teams began to practice during the preseason. The football players completed drills on the field. The cross country team logged long runs and hill workouts around the community. Color guard perfected their skills outside of the Performing Arts Center, preparing for the fall marching band season. Pole vault practiced in the evening to prepare for their club season and to stay sharp for the spring track season.

Even the classrooms weren’t empty at Del Norte. Many incoming juniors took an SAT prep class to hone their skills for the August or October session of the test. They either spent three or five days per week at class, where they took weekly tests, listened to lectures, and completed practice exercises.

High schoolers weren’t the only students at Del Norte during the summer – future Nighthawks were also hard at work. Each year, the DNHS basketball team hosts summer camps for elementary and middle school-aged players; these camps serve as a fundraiser for the high school program. This past summer, high school players volunteered, and campers spent the week completing drills and competitions.

Whether it was hosting academics or athletics, Del Norte never slept this summer. The school was full of energy as the community came together on campus.

Karlie Hayes is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.