Interested in a rewarding middle and high school experience for your child? Come find out about North County’s Pacific Ridge School at an open house on Saturday, Dec. 1 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Pacific Ridge promotes academic excellence, ethical responsibility and global engagement. The school’s experienced and caring teachers guide students toward the knowledge and skills that lead to a purposeful life in college and beyond.

Three big highlights your child could look forward to:

1. Lessons are engaging! At Pacific Ridge, learning is a conversation. The small classes (average of 15 students in each) are taught in a style called Harkness, where students sit with their teacher around an oval table and lessons are discussed. Rather than passively receiving information, students participate in obtaining, sharing, and evaluating it. Everyone has a seat at the table and is involved.

Through Harkness, students develop important skills, such as critical thinking, fact-based observation, effective speaking, respectful listening, collaboration, and an appreciation for differing perspectives.

2. Opportunities to get involved are endless. Time for service learning, clubs, athletics and global travel are built into the school day, week and year. Is your child into both robotics and student council? No problem! Athletics and theater? Many of our students are too, and they have time for these and more. Does your child have an idea for a club or a service group? The Pacific Ridge staff is all ears and happy to help them get started.

In the robust extracurricular programming (called “co-curriculars” because they’re so important at Pacific Ridge), students develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills that last a lifetime.

3. The world is your classroom. Global themes are woven into the daily curriculum in all grades and, at the end of the school year, over 90% of the school’s 615 students travel across the country and around the globe for cultural exploration, language immersion, and service. This year, Upper School trips include China, Iceland, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands, to name just a few.

Global learning and travel prepare students for the interconnected world like little else can. Students look forward to their travel experiences each year and often can’t wait to take advantage of study abroad programs and international internships in college. They value their global perspective.

Sound intriguing so far? Come join the Dec. 1 open house to learn more. To register, visit