Five visual arts clubs from Del Norte High School, including the Graphic Design Club, Jewelry Club, Photography Club, Letterforms, and Paintbox, have teamed up to create and print a publication, called Untitled. 01, that will exhibit visual arts talent at DNHS and spread art to the community. The first issue was released around the DNHS campus and throughout 4S Ranch in early October. “After months of designing, organizing fundraising, contacting sponsors, advertising, and distributing, we can finally say that Untitled. 01 is out for the world to see,” said Untitled. Director Nerissa Yiu. “As stressful as it may be, it’s been amazing going through this process and seeing the results. We see connections between clubs, students, teachers, and the community form.” The second issue of Untitled. 01 will be distributed towards the end of November at local businesses in the 4S Commons and Del Sur Town Center.