by LINDA FRABL | photos by Alex Williams Photography

Talented Musician

student_chin1Matthew Chin, a 17-year-old senior at Maranatha Christian School, loves his high school because, he explained, “It is a small, intimate setting, and I am able to get to know my classmates and teachers very well.” For someone who adores a small, intimate setting, it is ironic that his musical proficiency allowed him to perform at the majestic Carnegie Hall this past summer, via the American Fine Arts Festival. Describing the experience, Matthew proclaimed, “It was a rush of excitement performing on that stage!”

When asked what the secret was for his being selected to perform at Carnegie Hall, Matthew humbly replied, “Practice, practice, practice! It was a great achievement for all of my years of dedication to music.” It all began for Matthew at age five, when he first began taking piano lessons. From there he progressed to completing his Level 10 Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit two years ago, and then he won third place at the MTAC Sonata competition, which advanced him to the regionals at the Junior Bach Festival.

Name: Matthew Chin (17)
School: Maranatha Christian School
Grade: 12
Parents: Kathy Low and Timothy Chin
Favorite Place in 92127: Frost in Del Sur Commons

student_chin3In addition to piano, Matthew has also been taking violin lessons since the age of 10 and has completed the Level 9 MTAC Certificate of Merit for violin. He has been playing violin with the San Diego Youth Symphony for five years, performing at the Copley Symphony Hall and the Escondido Center for the Arts.

Elaborating on what he most enjoys about the musical process, Matthew exclaimed, “I love how music is a combination of writing a story and painting a picture. For example, in the piece that I performed at Carnegie Hall, Copland’s The Cat and The Mouse, I was able to portray a cartoonish yet lifelike insight on the daily mundaneness of the scurrying of the mouse to the prowling of the cat, leading up to the cat pouncing on the mouse.”

“I love how music is a combination of writing a story and painting a picture.”

At school, Matthew’s favorite classes are history and biology, and he maintains an impressive 4.32 GPA. When he isn’t performing musical masterpieces, Matthew adores sailing and volunteering with the children’s ministry at Maranatha Chapel. As for his future goals, Matthew remarked, “I hope to make a difference in the world.” We believe he already has.