by KARLIE HAYES, special to 92127 Magazine

Welcoming New Nighthawks

For many people, the transition to high school is a rite of passage: students are immersed in a bigger campus, Friday night football games, school dances, high school-level classes, and much more. This year, over 700 new freshmen experienced this transition at Del Norte, and they are currently adapting to high school life.

Richa, a former Falcon from Oak Valley, has had an enjoyable experience so far and looks forward to future experiences. She found that classes at DNHS are fairly laid-back. Like many freshmen, Richa is looking forward to going to social events and dances with her friends. Richa found few surprises at Del Norte: “It’s similar to how I thought it would be because I’d heard lots of stories before,” she said.

Maya, whose older sister already goes to Del Norte, also knew what to expect from DNHS. “I’m most looking forward to taking biomed classes because I’m interested in that field,” she said. In high school, she will be able to take a variety of career-oriented, hands-on classes such as Human Body Systems and Medical Interventions.

Specialized classes are also a point of interest for Clara, who is excited to be able to choose unique classes. A former Eagle from Mesa Verde Middle School, Clara found that the biggest difference between MVMS and DNHS is the amount of people. “There are so many people here!” she said. After all, there are 2,400 Nighthawks roaming Del Norte’s halls – the most in school history.

Overall, high school is a blank slate for this year’s new Nighthawks. With so many academic, social, athletic, and club opportunities at Del Norte, these freshmen have many ways to make their high school experience soar.

Karlie Hayes is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.