by LINDA FRABL | photos by Soul of Photography

Meet Dee Leone

author_leone2Local resident Dee Leone is a successful writer. In addition to penning three popular children’s books, Dee has also written educational books, poems, plays, stories, activity sheets for Highlights magazine, and numerous online articles. She recently did a reading of her second children’s book, Dough Nights and Dragons, at this year’s San Diego Festival of Books, held at Liberty Station in August.

“I was thrilled to read that book at the festival, which was inspired by my wondering how doughnuts were created,” Dee commented. She added, “The most rewarding part of being an author is to get stories into the hands of young readers or listeners and to watch them smile, laugh, and get turned on by books. My goal is to write stories that will ignite an appetite for reading and set a child’s imagination on fire.”

Armed with a B.S. in Education, Dee has taught elementary classes in Ohio, California, and Texas, and was even a teacher’s aide for a gifted program in Alaska. Mixing her vast experience teaching youngsters with her innate curiosity with the world around her, Dee is never at a loss for book subject ideas.


Name: Dee Leone
Profession: Writer
Family: Married with two children
Hobbies & Interests: Amateur photography, scrapbooking, reading, golf, and travel
Favorite Local Spot: My backyard, which is a hummingbird haven

Her first children’s book, Bizz and Buzz Make Honey Buns, came about because Dee is a fan of homophone wordplay. She explained, “This book is about two ‘bee’-fuddled insects that want to make a sweet treat but don’t quite understand the directions. They use a little ‘flower’ instead of a little ‘flour’ to follow a recipe, and that’s just the ‘bee’-ginning of their silly endeavor!”


Her latest children’s book, Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night, materialized after Dee’s own travels. She elaborated, “I enjoy taking photos of nature – from close-ups of flowers to wide panoramic vistas – and have had the good fortune to visit incredible places. So, when I was looking at images of swans on a glistening lake in Slovenia, or leaping dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, I was inspired to write a lullaby about them.”

Forever influenced by beautiful scenery, Dee is especially grateful to call San Diego home. She exclaimed, “I like the quiet, natural surroundings, the hummingbirds and butterflies that flit about all over our yard, the weather, the charming village area, and the golf courses in the vicinity.” When she isn’t writing, Dee loves scrapbooking, reading, and learning to play golf.