by KELLEY GUSICH  | photos provided by Mostra Coffee | Special Advertisement

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Mostra Coffee Brings an Award-Winning Coffee Experience to Rancho Bernardo

Like its namesake – Mostra is the Italian word for ‘show’ or ‘performance’ – Mostra Coffee has a vision to present innovative and unique brewing experiences/flavors to its customers. The shop opened in 2013, and of the four owners, three are Rancho Bernardo High School graduates! Mostra Coffee is one of the few specialty coffee shops/roasters in this area, sourcing and serving only the highest grade specialty coffee from all over the world: Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and the Philippines are some of the origins Mostra offers both in-store and online.


An example of ways to champion quality, sustainability, and innovation came with Mostra’s experiences in the Philippines. While doing charity work with the poor, they learned that the country grew coffee beans, but weren’t a popular origin in the specialty coffee industry. Mostra endeavored to source high-quality beans from the farmers there and bring awareness to the beans’ origin, and in turn bring more job opportunities and improve the livelihoods of the citizenry. “With the Philippines being a farming country,” the roasters confirmed, “we felt that it could have a positive effect on a national level.”

“Mostra hooked me from the moment I walked in. Even before I tasted the coffee, I was drawn in by the warmth of the Mostra team. The next thing I noticed was their impressive collaborations. They have partnered with some of the best companies around the country to concoct many really creative and award-winning beverages. Finally, I was mesmerized by their attention to the craft. Their menu always offers an intriguing blend of flair and flavor. Mostra has put coffee on the map in San Diego.” – Doug

mp_mostra2To stay involved on a local level, Mostra’s program MostraFit partners with area physical fitness companies and invites the community to participate in a workout which includes coffee! They also donate coffee for special events at local schools, and host monthly after-hours events – arts and crafts, cake decorating classes, open mic nights and mixers – to gather the community. They’ve done over 400 collaborations with craft breweries nationwide.

Creating an interactive and open-kitchen experience for guests, the coffee house has a beautiful English industrial-inspired design, showcasing the first three-head Mavam espresso machine in San Diego, built into a low bar top to give customers an engaging, visually immersive brewing process experience. Mostra’s most popular drinks include the Crème Brulee Latte, Campfire Latte, Choconana Cold Brew, and One Bra-zillion Coconuts Cold Brew. Mostra was recently named a top three finalist for Roaster of the Year 2019 from Roast Magazine, and won Best Original Cold Brew and Best Signature Cold Brew at the Cold Brew City Competition.


In its Carmel Mountain Ranch and a second location – a coffee cart located inside the brand-new Palomar College Campus (with more locations forthcoming), Mostra Coffee desires to share its passion for coffee by serving and connecting with the neighborhood they grew up in.



Name of Business: Mostra Coffee
Name of Owners: Jelynn Malone, Beverly Magtanong, Sam Magtanong, Mike Arquines
Years in Position: 5
Year of Establishment: 2013
Address: Store – 12045 Carmel Mountain Rd.; Coffee Cart – 11111 Rancho Bernardo Rd.
Phone: 858-304-0061
Description of Business: Mostra Coffee is an artisan micro-roasting company that sources, roasts, brews, and serves only the highest-grade specialty coffee.