by KIMIYA GHASSEMZADEH | special to 92127 Magazine

Girls in Computer Science Club

Known for preparing students for their careers, Del Norte High School has recently developed several clubs devoted to encouraging female participation in STEM. Among these clubs, Girls in Computer Science is one that really stands out.

Although it was created just last year, the Girls in Computer Science club has already developed into a very successful club. Highly esteemed female professionals come in and dedicate their time to speaking to these ambitious girls at club meetings, and students work with complex programs like Scratch (a programming website created by MIT). Programming small robots and attending workshops at colleges, these aspiring computer scientists have truly made an impact for girls who wish to enter STEM.

Ellyce Bilhorn is a senior at Del Norte and is the president of the club. Noticing the lack of female participation in her computer science classes, she decided to take initiative and immediately became part of the leadership team of the club. “It’s important for girls to feel encouraged to be in STEM because it can be intimidating to start a new field you don’t know a lot about, and it can be even more intimidating when you feel like you don’t quite belong or fit in,” she said. “I want girls to know that they belong just as much as anyone else in the STEM fields and should feel encouraged to follow their interests no matter what.”

With dedicated girls like Ellyce taking action, widespread female participation in STEM can become a reality rather than a fleeting dream. Ellyce also gives a shoutout to her computer science teacher Mr. Lantsberger, who has been so encouraging in helping her achieve her goals.

Kimiya Ghassemzadeh is a junior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.