by KIMIYA GHASSEMZADEH | special to 92127 Magazine

Continuing the Nighthawk Legacy

Having been principal of Del Norte for about seven months, Bryan Schultz is already working to accomplish his goals. On the top of his list is maintaining a home court advantage, which encourages students to have pride in attending Del Norte. For this to occur, he believes, “We will continually need to work as a team and listen to the voices of our students.” In achieving this goal, Mr. Schultz believes that an inclusive environment must first be fostered. While Del Norte is already inclusive, Mr. Schultz encourages all students to “ultimately find their tribe” on campus. This inclusivity, he states, is what sets Del Norte apart from other schools.

Del Norte is famous for its academic achievements, but Mr. Schultz does not want those achievements to obscure what really matters: producing capable students who are ready for the real world. “[I want] students to leave the Nest who are healthy and have a sense of purpose and idea what they are passionate about,” he shared. In this way, the students who graduate Del Norte can achieve great things. However, doing so will require less emphasis on grades and more emphasis on developing purpose, which he hopes to accomplish in his time at Del Norte.

Ultimately, Mr. Schultz hopes to continue and improve the legacy of Del Norte past its initial 10 years of success. He is excited to help this learning community soar to great heights. In his own words, “It is truly a great time to be a Nighthawk!”

Kimiya Ghassemzadeh is a junior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.