by LINDA FRABL | photos by Forever Photography by Liberty

Teen Filmmaker

student_hollander1Caden Hollander, a senior at Del Norte High School who lives in the Avaron community, is a successful filmmaker. With six short films under his belt that he has written, directed, and produced, Caden has screened these flicks at 30 different film festivals all over the world, and some have even won awards. He makes films while also being an honor roll student, a member of the Model United Nations team, and a tennis player who has won USTA tournaments.

His love for filmmaking first surfaced when he saw the film Avatar as a young boy. Caden reminisced, “That movie inspired me and showed me how much could be conveyed through film.” Shortly thereafter, Caden made a short movie with one of his fourth grade classmates on his iPod Touch. He added, “I’ve been making films ever since!”

Caden’s latest project is a feature-length movie musical called Tech Week, based on his own experiences in community musical theater. The film’s title refers to the week before a theatrical show has its debut, when the cast and crew spend long amounts of time together in preparation. Caden proclaimed, “I was really inspired by tech week as a setting for a film due to how close everyone is for such long periods of time, and how you get to know people incredibly well and truly become a family.”

Name: Caden Hollander (17)
School: Del Norte High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Jennifer and Dean Hollander
Sibling: Emma Hollander
Favorite Local Spot: Piacere Mio – love that restaurant!
Instagram: @handhproductions – stay tuned for Tech Week updates

student_hollander2It was a logistical feat for Caden to make his first full-length film. He admitted, “Coordinating lots of actors with their own schedules and using a location that only allowed us to film for a limited time was very difficult. It led to us having a very short shoot schedule of just 10 days. We had long days and were constantly rushed for time.” It was all worth it, though. He said, “The most rewarding aspect is undoubtedly when certain scenes come together the exact way I hoped they would.”

Caden is especially grateful for his Del Norte education, and he professed, “My favorite subject is English. Analyzing literature has allowed me to become a better screenwriter in terms of how I approach themes and messages.” This fall, Caden will attend the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, majoring in film and TV production. He gushed, “I am super excited to continue my film education and pursue it as a career!”