by KIMIYA GHASSEMZADEH, special to 92127 Magazine

Welcoming New Nighthawks

Del Norte High School is one of the most welcoming schools in the district. It has a great reputation for being inclusive and embracing new students. The secret to its success? LINK Crew.

For years now, LINK Crew has dedicated its time to supporting new students in their transition to high school. As LINK Crew co-advisor Mr. Nevares puts it, the goal of LINK Crew is “to provide a supportive and seamless transition into high school for incoming freshmen.” While LINK Crew exists at several high schools across the nation, Del Norte’s LINK Crew has several characteristics that distinguish it from other schools.

For one, Del Norte’s LINK Crew is larger than that of most schools because it holds the welcoming assembly on the first day of school. On the first day, the club provides an engaging day that features ice breakers, a school tour, and a chance to meet some upperclassmen that will serve as mentors and support with the transition. While the program primarily focuses on freshman, Del Norte also extends its attention to students transferring in who happen to be in upper grades by providing new student tours and other outreach programs. Additionally, Del Norte ensures the smooth functioning of its club with its leadership homeroom class and its new zero period class this year. For future years, the club hopes to incorporate a leadership course as well.

With the beginning of the school year, LINK Crew takes on a huge role in ensuring a harmonious high school experience for all. Nighthawks with more questions regarding the club may contact LINK Crew Advisors Mr. Nevares and Mrs. DeCaprio.

Kimiya Ghassemzadeh is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.