by KIMIYA GHASSEMZADEH, special to 92127 Magazine

Soaring to New Heights

As we have now approached the heart of the fall season, a group of Nighthawks at Del Norte High School is going through one of the most critical (and stressful) points of their high school career. Though they have reached the final stretch, it is by no means a smooth or easy road. These students, after working arduously for a straight three years, are finally going to be rewarded for their efforts. Yes, for senior Nighthawks at Del Norte High School, it’s college application season.

Completing three years of merit at Del Norte has been no walk in the park, and Nighthawks are apt to tell you this. With the competitive rigor of its courses and extracurriculars, Del Norte is notable for academic and civic excellence. The high school strictly adheres to its mission statement, producing capable individuals who are ready to take on the future, whether that includes college or other plans.

For those Nighthawks hoping to soar into college, it’s officially time for them to begin a new chapter of their lives. Deadlines are approaching, or for the early birds, they have already passed in the form of early action/decision deadlines. Through supplemental questions, letters of recommendation, and standardized testing, students give colleges a glimpse into what they have to offer; with this year’s seniors, that’s no small amount!

As Del Norte and other high schools around the country prepare for this next journey, we salute them for their achievements and hope for the best for them. Their aspirations to become the next generation of laboratory managers, aeronautical engineers, lawyers, and much more, are not far from reality anymore. Seniors, you’ve finished the hardest part. Now you just have to showcase your achievements!

Kimiya Ghassemzadeh is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.