by SCOTT VOAK | Special Advertisement

Using Facebook to Target Buyers Out of Area

Facebook can be annoying. It can be entertaining. It can be eye-opening. It can also be a tool to sell your home to buyers outside of San Diego. If you know how.

Several high-tech companies have announced they are staffing up in San Diego (Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.) For the most part, they are moving executives and team leaders to San Diego and hiring the team members away from existing companies here. So, how do we reach these executives to get them to buy your home?

First of all, we need a video. Photos stitched together don’t work. Real videos get a far better response. Once we have a video we can purchase ads on Facebook and target people who live outside of San Diego but who are looking at San Diego real estate online. Note that this is different than “putting your home on Facebook,” which is when an agent puts your home on their timeline and all their friends see it. That doesn’t help sell your home – but it makes your agent look busy.

To market your home in other areas on Facebook, the agent needs a business account and then needs to be able to create ads targeted at the correct demographics.

It works. Companies are moving top people into San Diego and we are able to target them and their spouses using Facebook. It’s just another tool to get you the highest possible price.


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